Maintain a Healthy Marriage to Maintain a Healthy Business

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the people you love can be difficult when you also want your business to thrive. I have the advice you need to be successful at both.

To finish up my entrepreneurial series, I’d like to talk about marriage. Keeping your marriage in great shape while you are running a business can be difficult, but it is crucial to your success because your marriage is your most important partnership on the planet. I have timestamped highlights for the video below, so you can skip to the parts that apply most to your unique situation.

To start with, I’ll discuss your actions and the repercussions.

1:10 – The pressure of your business’s survival can encourage you to neglect your loved ones.
2:50 – Being close to coworkers is dangerous because of the temptation for emotional support.
3:40 – Do not let others devour your time home with your family.
4:50 – The repercussions of poor actions.
5:45 – Bitterness and our spiritual enemy create stress and collateral damage in your marriage.

Then, I’ll discuss the steps to rectify the temptations or ignore them altogether. By making your marriage your No. 1 priority, God will honor your business.

8:00 – Find a church home with other couples.
8:30 – Communicate with your spouse to encourage understanding.
10:00 – Taking your spouse with you to office events will deter attractions from others.
10:55 – Boundaries have to be set in the schedule.
13:00 – Take time to be romantic.

Finally, I’ll address what you can do to ensure you prevent ending up in a compromising position and the benefits.

15:00 – The fundamentals for maintaining a healthy marriage.
15:20 – Do not allow yourself to be alone with anyone of the opposite sex.
17:00 – Refrain from intimate conversations at work.
17:50 – The benefits of following my advice.

If you need any help working through any of the issues we talked about, I would love working with you to help your family business succeed and thrive. I would also love to speak with you if you require any coaching or guidance needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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