Upcoming Workshop: God’s Economic Strategy

Today I’d like to ask you a question: Where do you think is the most effective place in ministry for you to be? Is it being a pastor, youth group leader, or a missionary overseas? My answer isn’t actually any of the above.

I think that the most effective position in ministry is being an entrepreneur—a business owner.

That’s right! I believe that if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and God has given you the skill set to be able to run and own a company, that is a blessing from Heaven, and it’s also incredibly important for the marketplace.

I say this because I believe God uses business owners to take care of people in a marketplace. Think about it: It’s business owners who have ideas and products to manufacture that provide employment—they give people jobs and allow them to put groceries on the table, and they allow for opportunities to be trained, mentored, and to develop. I believe it’s through entrepreneurs that God executes His economic strategy on Earth.

And if that’s true, guess what else is happening?

I believe that there is spiritual warfare being waged in business today. Our spiritual enemy wants to do everything he can to ruin the entrepreneur, to take him out, to wound him, to wrack him with fear so much that he puts on dark glasses and can no longer see opportunity. This spiritual enemy of ours wants to make sure life is so difficult for the entrepreneur that it even makes sustaining a marriage tough.

On that front, I have good news: Restoration Ministries in Cozad, Nebraska, has partnered with my firm to bring an entrepreneurial purpose workshop to your area.

In this workshop, we’ll go deep into the weeds about your purpose and your calling—why it is that you’re in business. We’ll discuss stepping into your destiny as a business owner. Instead of having those dark glasses on, you’ll begin to see the opportunity that the Lord is putting before you to grow your company and become more and more profitable.

You’ll be able to see the value that you bring into the marketplace, as well as what your role is in changing the lives of the people that work for you and whom you serve in your business.

We’ll also give you techniques to make sure that your marriage stays strong while running a business.

Finally, we’ll talk about spiritual warfare right there in the workplace, equipping you to be able to lead your business in victory and get past the evil traps of the enemy so that you become more successful and have more value in the marketplace.

After this workshop, the inspiration your company manifests will change the whole landscape of your area.

This workshop will take place January 26-27, 2019, in McCook and Lexington, Nebraska, respectively. Details on how to RSVP for this opportunity are forthcoming, so be sure to follow me on my blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more information as it arrives.

If you have any questions about this workshop, about real estate, or about handling the “big picture” issues in your business, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help and advise you as I can.

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