Our Firm

Our Firm

The focus of Nabity Business Advisors is to help shareholders of family owned and operated businesses find creative solutions to many of the tough business and estate planning issues that these shareholders are often faced with. Founded in 1984 by David R. Nabity, the firm has grown to become a well known and respected business and estate advisory firm.

Independently owned, our firm provides advisory services that help organize the financial lives of business owners, professional corporations and the executives who run and manage these companies.

By working with our firm, our clients are better informed and organized. We uncover many of the “trap doors” that create business conflicts, transition uncertainty and estate taxes that can destroy the business. We then design creative solutions to these problems and build “road-maps” and “action plans” that are understood by all of the shareholders allowing them to make better decisions.

If your business needs a “tune up” in the business management, succession or estate planning areas, Nabity Business Advisors is the best first step toward moving your company in the right direction to assure longevity.

Our Mission As Advisors

  • To make sure that all of the children still love each other and want to stay together as a family, enjoying holidays and family events, after Mom and Dad are gone.
  • To assure that the family estate transfers to where it will continue to grow for future generations and not be wasted on taxes or those who will misuse it.
  • To position the company for long-term success, after the founders are gone, so that the employees and their families do not suffer due to layoffs, closings and consolidation. The community impact can be devastating.
  • Provide opportunity for young leaders to rise to senior-level positions and have the incentive of participating in the financial growth of the business, if they perform, which can include possible ownership as others retire.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve long-term success of the business for future generations.