How to Deal With Toxic Employees

Toxic employees can ruin a business from the inside out. Here’s what you should do in order to fix the situation. Contact Request an Appointment For whatever reason, we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a number of companies who have one or two people in the organization who are toxic, but they’re not getting fired. If you have someone in your organization who is toxic, I’ve got some advice for you today. As you know, our company does a lot of work with family-owned companies and how to transition a business from one generation to the next, and we’ve been running into many situations where there are one or two people in the organization who are toxic. What do … Read More

The 4 Things We Strive to Accomplish With All Our Clients

Contact Request an Appointment   We’re passionate about what we do, and we evaluate ourselves based on the results we get with our clients. There are four things we want to accomplish with any clients we work with: 1. The siblings still love each other. After mom and dad are gone, we want to make sure the kids still want to spend the holidays together and hang with each other as a happy family. 2. The wealth of the family goes to those who can manage it well and make the wealth grow. 3. The business succeeds and thrives after the founders are gone. Many times when this happens, the businesses are sold or the departments are transferred to different … Read More

What Does Nabity Business Advisors Really Do?

Contact Request an Appointment I’m often asked what Nabity Business Advisors is really all about. I like to tell people that clients hire us to quarterback a lot of the big, strategic planning issues that they have with their companies. They typically have great attorneys and accountants, but they need an expert to help them analyze and strategize the big-picture things. These things include whether you should turn your company over to your child, how to structure your estate plan to make sure you treat all of your kids fairly, whether you want to give your executive management team an opportunity to own part of the company, and eliminating estate taxes that could hit your estate hard in the future. … Read More

How We Help Create a Thriving Future for Your Business

Contact Request an Appointment Not having estate transition plans in place can be a nightmare for business owners, their families, their successors, and their heirs. We’re here to just to help you create a succession plan that goes smoothly. When the time comes, we’re here to make sure your business is thriving and in good hands when you walk away. Watch this short video to get an idea of how we help business owners plan for future success. If you have concerns about how to develop the right estate and transition plans for your business, contact Nabity Business Advisors on our website for a complimentary consultation.