Creating the Best Compensation Packages for Your Management Team

If you run and own a company, you know that it can be a real challenge to figure out the compensation package for your management team.

Sometimes, your management teams are family; sometimes they’re not. Sometimes you may want your management team to become stockholders.

Oftentimes if you build a compensation plan that is too rich and performance isn’t associated with the money the management team is making, then the company can begin to drift financially.

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Transitioning Your Estate Fairly to Your Children

If you own and operate your own company, you know what a challenge it can be to develop an estate plan. You might have some kids who work in the business and some who don’t, or you might have an in-law who works in the business and other kids who don’t.

What do you do if the business is 80% of your estate, though? Are you going to give it to the family member who’s owning and operating the company and not the others? If you do, that probably won’t make for a very happy Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

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What Does Nabity Business Advisors Really Do?

I’m often asked what Nabity Business Advisors is really all about.

I like to tell people that clients hire us to quarterback a lot of the big, strategic planning issues that they have with their companies. They typically have great attorneys and accountants, but they need an expert to help them analyze and strategize the big-picture things.

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How a Buyout Agreement Could Save Your Business

If you own a business with a partner and you have not planned for a catastrophe, then you could end up creating a huge mess down the road if something should happen.

For example, if you own a company that’s worth $5 million and you and your business partner both own 50% of the company, then both of you would have $2.5 million in your estate. What happens if your business partner dies?

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